We are working on an innovative online platform specializing in selling exquisite diamond jewelry. We're on a mission to enhance our data infrastructure to drive informed decision-making and support our expanding business needs, and integrate cutting-edge machine learning algorithms to stay at the forefront of innovation


What You'll Do:

  • Build and Extend Data Warehouse

    Google Cloud Services, with a focus on BigQuery, to continuously develop and expand our data warehouse to meet the growing needs of the company

  • Create and Manage Data Pipelines

    Utilize Dataflow for ingestion processes and develop new pipelines to ensure efficient data transfer and transformation

  • Complex SQL Transformations

    Apply your strong background in data engineering and advanced SQL skills to write complex transformations, catering to data sourced from various platforms including Google Analytics, Google Ads, and our operational databases

  • ETL Process Mastery

    Be proficient in building, scheduling, and managing ETL processes, including incremental loading and establishing downstream dependencies

  • Data Warehouse (DWH) Design

    Contribute to the design and architecture of the DWH, ensuring scalability and efficiency

  • Orchestration and Automation

    Utilize tools like Apache Airflow for orchestration and Terraform for infrastructure as code to automate and optimize data workflows

  • Productionizing Machine Learning Algorithms

    Incorporating advanced ML algorithms into our system, driving innovation and enhancing our analytical capabilities

What We're Looking For:

  • Experience in Data Engineering

    Proven track record in data warehouse development and management

  • Expertise in SQL and Data Transformation

    Strong ability in writing complex SQL queries and transforming data from multiple sources

  • Knowledge of ETL Processes

    Deep understanding of ETL concepts, pipeline building, incremental loading, scheduling, and managing dependencies

  • Familiarity with DWH Design

    Experience in designing and implementing scalable data warehouse solutions

  • Proficiency in Orchestration Tools

    Experience with orchestration systems like Airflow

  • Infrastructure as Code

    Knowledge in using tools like Terraform for infrastructure management

  • Future-Ready Mindset

    Ability to adapt and extend the data sources as the company grows and evolves

Why Join Us?

  • Be a part of a vibrant and innovative team

  • Contribute to strategic decisions through impactful data engineering

  • Work with cutting-edge technologies in the cloud and data and machine learning realms

  • Grow with a company that values creativity, innovation, and employee development